• Timex Archive

    Posted by Ally Warren

    To those of you who have seen the Uncharted video-game series, you will recognise this iconic watch worn by protagonist, Nathan Drake, as accessory to a simple white shirt and jean. First on screen in 2009, it has caught the eye of the fashion industry and has become news once again following the release of the fourth installment of the series, last month. You can purchase this Timex Archive watch in store today. 

    (Waterbury Date by Timex Archive - £67 - TW2P64700WS)

  • Coming Soon

    Posted by Ally Warren

    Coming Soon are a band who seep originality. Their psychedelic and joyful vibes carry from their music to the stage right into their image. Having seen this Paris based band perform the other week at The Electric Ballroom in Camden, we were impressed and wanted to discuss a thing or two.

    They tell us they’ve been playing music together for over ten years and have known each other even longer than that, the band consists of two sets of brothers and the other may aswell be related to them, having grown up in the same small town of Annecy. Between performing and writing music they enjoy travelling, visiting museums, playing games and indulging in a few too many drinks, it sounds like the perfect lifestyle. 

    Last year they released an EP called “Sun Gets In” it’s a fresh sound self-described as having a ‘folky magic-mountain’ feel. We’ll certainly be playing their songs in store.

    So what's next? ‘We’ll be on tour with Adam Green until the end of August’, they tell us, but after that, the band plan to record a new album, one that experiments some more with the youth-reminiscent nostalgia that their most recent songs evoke.

    When asked to describe their sartorial they emphasised their love for colours, sneakers and boots but in general they are a ‘very eclectic band in that field’. Though there is ‘no dress code and no limit’ they conclude that their style of dress is probably ‘a mix of nineties grunge and modern street wear.’ They keep it casual and they keep it cool so this month we put together an outfit that we think they will like, just sign up to our newsletter above and see the band inspired collection. 

  • Still by Hand

    Posted by Ally Warren

    Still by Hand seeks to create a product which impresses the likes of the craftsman and the designer. This particular piece stood out to us at Tailor at the Tannery. With the length of a coat but the weight of a shirt, it is the ideal summer garment for the metropolitan man, bound to make and impression whether dressed up with a crisp white shirt or down with a light sweat.



  • In the Beginning

    Posted by Ally Warren

    'Retail was very different back in 2003!' Alan Richardson, our Buying Director, tells us. 'I'd always been in menswear but come January that year I wanted to step back to a situation which felt more me.' 

    In one of Alan's favourite films - Field of Dreams - the words 'if you build it, they will come' resonate in the mind of Ray Kinsella and this has certainly been the case with Tailor at the Tannery.

    'Having come across the site that spring, I suggested it to a friend, who'd been looking for a space to set up shop. Yet after some thought I decided I'd give it a go myself. The first item I ever sold was a t-shirt priced at £39, at four o'clock on Friday the 19th of November. It was a pivotal moment, I gave the guy a can of beer with a big smile on my face.' 

    Alan jokes that you can call him a magpie if you want, (he's been called much worse) but he knows the world of fashion inside out and his regular customers will certainly agree. 

  • Summer Attire

    Posted by Ally Warren