Posted by Tailor at the Tannery

Monitaly Wool Angled Patch Vest

If you've read our summary this week it may have stood out that this is one of our favourite pieces on the site right now.

A stand out piece from Monitaly, you can tell straight away the thought and consideration that has gone into this piece. The placing of the patch -work and the combination of the colours are sublime, and wearing this is going to draw lots of (jealous) attention asking where you got it ? Remember tell them where it came from

The vest is completely reversible. Wool patch-work pieces on one side and green nylon camouflage on the other. Slightly longer at the back, it has leather pulls on the zips, two front pockets, a knitted collar and an snap fastening at the neck. So as James Brown would say "Get Down", but make it this Monitaly down vest.